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Vikaash has always been good at work. Professionally, success came quickly. From Harvard Business School to 40 Under Forty Young Business Leaders award by CNBC, to CEO. But that type of success has a cost: 15 to 18-hour work days and little time or energy left over for family, health, sleep, or hobbies. 

At the peak of his career, he decided to take a mini-retirement. What I find incredible about Vikaash is the vision and courage to take this step. I’ve known a lot of successful professionals, and stepping away from the thing they do best, in order to focus on areas of their life that need attention is not common. There is too much ego and fear and unwillingness to lean into the discomfort. 

Vikaash shares about the motivation to make that change and the challenges along the way. Plus he’s leaning into being the best father and husband he can while finally getting enough sleep and exercise. 

The great thing about a professional half-time is that it allows you to regroup, refocus, and refresh. He probably won’t go back to 18-hour work days. But this next chapter might be even more impactful professionally. He can leverage his expertise and skill set in new ways that support the lifestyle changes he’s been making progress on. I’m sure his most impressive professional accomplishments are yet to come. 

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