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Are you Ready for a Career Break?


This group coaching is for people who are looking to step away from their 9-5 for a month or longer, maybe even forever. If you are two years away from taking a career break to a year into it, this group coaching will help you navigate that transition more effectively and make the most of your time off.

Is the Group Coaching Right for me?

Group Coaching

This coaching group is for those that are already in their career break or will be ready for a career break within two years.  

What you get with 3 month group coaching

  • Full access to the Retire Often Bundle
  • 6 Hour Long Group Teaching Calls 
  • 6 Hour Long  Mastermind Sessions (10 people or less per cohort)
  • Facebook Group to Connect and Ask Questions
  • A What’s App Chat for Your Cohort
  • 12 Facebook Lives to Answer Your Specific Questions



Provide clarity

Clarify the vision for what this time should look like. Access where you are now and what steps are needed to make meaningful progress. You’ll feel more confident starting this time off. 

Optimize Time Away

While a career break is nice, some people get 50% of the benefit they could, but with some planning and guidance, you could get 80 or 90% of the benefit from this time. Giving up income for a month or a few years is an enormous cost; it’s worth the time, effort, and investment to get the most from your career break.

Identify Challenges & build evil Knievel ramps

Evil Knievel jumped giant ravines by strategically building ramps on both sides. While it looked dangerous, it was a carefully calculated risk. The same will be true for your career break. You will identify what challenges you might encounter, and we will build ramps to get you safely across this ravine. 

Who’s Group Coaching Right For?

Planning a Career Break

Are you less than 2 years away from your career break? Group coaching will help you prepare so the time away is enjoyable and effective!

1-2 years into your Career Break

Stepping away from your career is a big transition! And not always as smooth or as easy as we hope. Group coaching will help you get the most of your time off and figure out your next steps.

Stuck in One More Year Syndrome

There is always a logical reason to postpone leaving your job. Group coaching will help you problem solve challenges and feel more confidant to make the leap.


Get Started

Retire Often Group Coaching



Full Access to Retire Often Course Bundle

12 Week Program

6 Group Teaching Calls

6 Cohort Mastermind Sessions + What’s App Chat

Facebook Group to Connect

Ask Questions In 12 Facebook Live Sessions

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Retire Often Course Bundle

Retire Often Course

Plus the One Hour Millionaire Course

Printable Workbooks


12 Live Calls + 12 FB Lives

6 – Hour Long Training Calls

6 – Cohort Mastermind Calls

12 – short Facebook Lives to Answer Your Specific Questions


Meet Other People doing this Unique Thing

Private Facebook Group for Questions

What’s App Group Chat for Your Cohort


Frequently Asked Questions

What times will the calls be?

Scheduling is always the most challenging part!

Our 6 group teaching times will vary a bit, but mostly weeknight evenings. Each of the group teaching calls will be recorded.

The 12 Facebook 10 questions and answers calls will be on weekday mornings. One each week.

Your 6 cohort mastermind calls will be at a time that works best for everyone. The cohort and teaching calls will alternate weeks.

Can my partner join me?

Yes! You can join as individuals or you can join as a couple. As a couple, you will share a spot in your cohort. This means both of you will share your mastermind time. If you want more individual feedback and participation, you can join as individuals. 

Getting Started 

is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Book A 15 miniute Assesment Call

Book a time to chat with me and see if the group coaching is the right fit for you.



Sign in to the Course

You will be able to access the course immediately to start when it’s convenient for you. 

Get ready to Start Jan 15th

We start the 12-week group coaching on January 15th. You can then join the Facebook group and will be assigned to your cohort.