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This group coaching is for people who are looking to step away from their 9-5 for a month or longer, maybe even forever. If you are considering taking a career break this year, group coaching will help you navigate that transition more effectively and make the most of your time off.

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I started my financial journey at 19 with $55,000 of debt. Adam and I didn’t have high-earning jobs, but we still had big dreams. We wanted to be able to Retire Often and take mini-retirements to travel the world, adopt kids, and have financial freedom.

Over 20 years we took a dozen mini-retirement. It took over a decade to pay off our debt, pay cash for our home, adopted 4 kids (and had 2 biological kids), bought rentals, traveled to 27 countries, and lived abroad.

At 32, I became financially independent, and we left our full-time jobs. We live in Kalispell Montana, near Glacier National Park with our 5 kids.

I host the Retire Often podcast, where people share their mini-retirement stories. The motivations, struggles, employment strategy, finances, logistics of their mini-retirement and how they Retire Often

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Road Trip Across Canada

Road Trip Across Canada

Brent and his wife were on the path to financial independence, planning to retire early at 40. However, they realized that their plan wasn't serving them well and decided to take a mini-retirement. The challenges of asking for unpaid leave and shifting from saving to...