Before your next mini-retirement, you need to know what to focus on and how to spend your time.

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What does a mentor do? I look at your big, long-term goals and dreams. We confront the challenges that have held you back and find solutions. I examine all the details of your current situation. Then we work together to plot out a plan, breaking big goals into small actionable steps and habits.

I specialize in Financial Independence (FI) planning with career transitions, and creating or scaling service based businesses. 

About Me

I started my financial journey at 19 with $55,000 of debt. Adam and I didn’t have high-earning jobs, but we still had big dreams. We wanted to be able to Retire Often and take mini-retirements to travel the world, adopt kids, and have financial freedom.

Over 20 years we took a dozen mini-retirement. It took over a decade to pay off our debt, pay cash for our home, adopted 4 kids (and had 2 biological kids), bought rentals, traveled to 27 countries, and lived abroad.

At 32, I became financially independent, and we left our full-time jobs. We live in Kalispell Montana, near Glacier National Park with our 5 kids.

I host the Retire Often podcast, where people share their mini-retirement stories. The motivations, struggles, employment strategy, finances, logistics of their mini-retirement and how they Retire Often

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Outdoor Adventures and a Path to FI

Outdoor Adventures and a Path to FI

In college, Joe fell in love with hiking and climbing. He loved the community and time in nature. He tried pursuing a corporate life, but a mini-retirement where he hiked the Appalachian Trail shifted his path.  He realized that corporate life wasn’t how he wanted to...