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Thinking about taking a Career Break?


In order to have a meaningful career break, you need to devise a plan for how you will spend it. What will you focus on? What values will you prioritize in your life? Having a plan will allow you to make the most of your mini-retirement. 

What’s Included in these Worksheets?

These 3 exercises help you put focus to your mini-retirement. It will help put words to what you value and help you put goals and purpose to your sabbatical. 

Identity. Activity. Possession

This exercise will help you gain clarity on the things that are crucial to your personal identity, the physical possessions that are essential to getting you where you want to go, and the activities that make life meaningful.

    Recover from Burnout

    This exercise helps you determine what activities are best to help you recover from burnout.  

      Determine your focus areas

      This exercise will help you determine what areas to focus in during your mini-retirement. 

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      all About Jillian

      My Money Story

      I started my financial journey at 19 with $55,000 of debt. Adam and I didn’t have high-earning jobs, but we still had big dreams. We wanted to be able to Retire Often and take mini-retirements to travel the world, adopt kids, and have financial freedom.

      Over 20 years we took a dozen mini-retirement. We managed to pay off our debt, pay cash for our home, adopted 4 kids (and had 2 biological kids), bought rentals, traveled to 27 countries, and lived abroad.

      At 32, I became financially independent, and we left our full-time jobs. We live in Kalispell Montana, near Glacier National Park with our 5 kids and travel half the year. 

      I host the Retire Often podcast, where people share their mini-retirement stories. The motivations, struggles, employment strategy, finances, logistics of their mini-retirement and how they Retire Often

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