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Ongoing coaching

First off, THANK YOU


I have really enjoyed working with you. Coaching can be tough and also transformative. I hope you’ve gotten everything you have needed and more. 

There are so many benefits for ongoing coaching! As plans change and evolve having a coach to ask the clarifying questions and to help keep you accountable will continue to help you stay on track. 



Renew your Coaching

By Mail

You can send your check to
Jillian Johnsrud
PO Box 335
Kalispell, MT 59903



Through Paypal

For 1 time payment: Login to Paypal and send Friend to Friend to

For ongoing payment set up payment HERE


Quarterly Review

We will do 4 calls over 12 months. This helps you address new challenges, adjust plans and start working on new goals as they arise. These calls will help keep you on track and focused on your progress. Email support for the 12 months is included. 

Monthly Ongoing Coaching 

 We continue with monthly calls to provide an ongoing focus on the right action steps, solve new challenges, and refocus.

With monthly calls you’ll have the support and accountability to keep making progress, even when life happens! Email support is included. 

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