In this conversation with my friend, JL Collins, we take a look at a professional journey that defies convention, punctuated by career breaks and the power of ‘F.U. money.’ His career began marked by intense work periods that eventually led to inevitable burnout. But through these experiences, JL began taking mini-retirements, illustrating that stepping away can often add more meaning in life. This episode isn’t just a look into JL’s path of financial independence; it explores his philosophical pivot from earner to explorer. We chart his transition from a traditional careerist to an unconventional path, where extended travel and periods of freedom became the norm. JL unveils the strategies that enabled his shift towards a life less ordinary. He doesn’t just share tales of his travels; he provides a thoughtful perspective on redefining success, the value of time over money, and how to wisely navigate the financial tides to craft your own path of liberty and discovery.

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JL Collins new book, Pathfinders, is available now.